Albert A. Rapport, Esq.
Albert A. Rapport, born in Rishon Le Zion, Israel, graduates from University of Buffalo Law School in 1929.  After having practiced law in New York City (with brief hiatus for one year in Israel) moves to Hudson and opens his office at 711 Warren Street.


Rapport & Rapport
.  Albert's son, Carmi, born in Bronx, New York, and schooled in Hudson, New York and Great Barrington, Massachusetts, graduates from Columbia Law School; admitted to Bar that year and joins his father in the practice.  Firm becomes Rapport & Rapport.


Rapport & Meyers
.  In 1973, Albert A. Rapport dies.  Carmi continues as sole practitioner.  Victor M. Meyers joins as associate and later that year becomes partner.  Firm becomes Rapport & Meyers.


Rapport, Meyers, Griffen & Whitbeck
.  Tom Griffen and Carl Whitbeck Jr. leave Hudson firm Meyers (Robert, not Victor) and join Carmi and Victor.


1990’s, 2000’s
Rapport, Meyers, Whitbeck, Shaw & Rodenhausen LLP
. After a number of years in Manhattan firms, George Rodenhausen joins as partner in 1991. Christine Chale joins as a partner in 1995, after working in the municipal bond practice in Minneapolis and Albany.  Virginia Benedict, joins as a partner in 2006, after several years in another Hudson firm.


Rapport Meyers LLP
.  The firm moves its Poughkeepsie office to Rhinebeck.  The firm name is shortened to Rapport Meyers LLP.


Whitbeck Benedict & Smith LLP
.  Corinne Smith joins the firm as an associate in 2015 and becomes partner in 2017.  The firm name is changed to Whitbeck Benedict & Smith LLP.