If you are involved in a dispute that may end up in civil litigation, it is important to retain a law firm with a strong record of trial practice. At Whitbeck Benedict & Smith LLP we have amassed a considerable record of success representing both plaintiffs and defendants in civil lawsuits.

We represent clients throughout the Hudson Valley region of New York. Contact us to discuss your case with an experienced civil litigation attorney.


The dedicated trial lawyers at our firm are equally adept at representing plaintiffs and defendants in civil litigation. We zealously advocate for the interests of each and every client we represent in litigation in the following areas:

  • Civil rights litigation: Our attorneys are available to advise employees and individuals who believe they have been deprived of their constitutional rights or subjected to discrimination in the workplace or elsewhere.
  • Commercial litigation: We represent builders, owners and architects in disputes over construction contracts as well as parties to all other types of contract disputes.  We also protect and pursue our client's rights in disputes with business partners or fellow shareholders.
  • Personal injury litigation: We have aggressively and successfully pursued cases on behalf of people injured in automobile accidents, medical malpractice, and slip and fall cases, among others.
  • Family law: We represent clients in matrimonial litigation, guardianship proceedings, and custody and support proceedings.
  • Real estate litigation: Our experienced real estate attorneys represent parties to disputes over title, boundary lines, easements, adverse possession, foreclosure, and tax grievances.
  • Article 78 litigation: If you would like to dispute a decision made by a regulatory agency, you will need a lawyer who is familiar with New York's Article 78 provisions.

Our firm is an interdisciplinary team and our civil litigation practice draws on the work that all our team members do in their respective practice areas. We meet every week as a firm to discuss our cases and collectively come up with innovative ways to help our clients get results.

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