Carl G. Whitbeck, Jr. will present a talk on October 17, 2019 from 6-7:30 pm at the Hudson Area Library on the the History of Hudson's Merchants & Whalers.  This is Mr. Whitbeck's second talk as part of the Hudson Area Library's Local History Speaker series.  The presentation will cover the commerce of Hudson from the time of its inception as a city in 1785 to the early 1960’s and through to the present. Mr. Whitbeck, a partner at Whitbeck Benedict & Smith LLP and a local resident whose family has deep roots in the area, will be displaying and discussing items from his own extensive local history collection.

Whitbeck Benedict & Smith LLP successfully defended the Town of Greenport Planning Board in an Article 78 petition brought by the City of Hudson challenging the Planning Board's SEQRA review of a proposed haul road. Acting Supreme Court Justice Michael H. Melkonian issued a decision and order dated January 2, 2019, dismissing the City of Hudson’s Article 78 petition in its entirety, and finding that the Town of Greenport Planning Board’s issuance of the negative declaration for Colarusso’s proposed haul road was properly issued and rationally based. 

Justice Melkonian’s decision confirms that the Greenport Planning Board’s extensive review of the project more than adequately met the requirements of SEQRA despite the City of Hudson’s allegations:

“The extensive record herein reflects that the Planning Board conducted a thorough analysis of the potential environmental impacts that were identified during the initial meeting in May 2016 (and throughout the comment period).  Indeed, the Court finds that the record supports a finding that the negative declaration was adequate and met the requirements of SEQRA.  The sixteen meetings, including a special public information meeting; consultation with state agencies including the NYSDEC regarding wetlands, plants, wildlife, and dust; consultation with an expert on the wildlife issue; consultation with the NYSDOT regarding traffic; careful consideration and response to the more than 400 comments raised during the comment period and review of all the written documentation filed with the Planning Board; and its consideration of the input by the Columbia County Planning Board leads to the conclusion that the Planning Board identified the relevant areas of environmental concern, took the necessary hard look at them and made a reasoned elaboration for the basis of its determination.”

 The Town of Greenport Planning Board was represented by Virginia D. Benedict, Esq. and Corinne R. Smith, Esq. of Whitbeck Benedict & Smith LLP.

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The Art School of Columbia County in Ghent, New York thanks Carl Whitbeck, Jr., a partner at Whitbeck Benedict & Smith, for providing pro bono legal services to secure a home for art.  Read full article here.




Rapport Meyers LLP was a sponsor of the 15th Annual Ghostly Gallop 5K to support the Hudson Area Association Library. Rapport Meyers had a team of 14 staff members, family, and friends participate in the race on the newly certified USA Track and Field course. Virginia D. Benedict, managing partner of the firm, also serves a a board member of the Hudson Area Association Library.