Real estate plays a major role in the Hudson Valley economy. At Whitbeck Benedict & Smith LLP, our dedicated team of attorneys plays a central role in the efficient completion of residential, commercial, and other real estate transactions throughout the region.

Our familiarity with the conditions impacting local real estate markets enables us to provide skilled guidance and quality representation to clients based either locally or outside of the Hudson Valley.

If you are buying a home, leasing commercial property, or taking part in any other real estate transaction, we encourage you to contact us to discuss what we can do to guide you through the process.


The experienced lawyers at our firm represent clients in approximately 200 residential and commercial real estate transactions per year throughout the Hudson Valley. We are available to assist you with any of the following aspects of the real estate transaction process:

  • Sale contracts: Our attorneys represent both buyers and sellers in the drafting, review, and negotiation of real estate transfer contracts.
  • Title insurance: Our law firm is a title insurance agent that conducts title searches and issues title insurance for real estate transactions.
  • Financing: Our firm represents purchasers, banks, industrial development agencies and county governments in residential and commercial financing transactions.
  • Closings: We represent both buyers and sellers at real estate closings, where the transfer of title to a property formally takes place.

Whether you are purchasing or selling a primary residence, second or vacation home, commercial property or any other type of property in the Hudson Valley, you can rely on our firm long history of helping clients obtain positive outcomes in real estate transactions.


In addition to assisting clients with purchase and sale transactions, we also draft, review, and negotiate everything from straightforward residential lease agreements to complex commercial lease agreements on behalf of both property owners and tenants, and represent clients in all matters arising out of condominium and cooperative agreements.  We also draft farm leases for agricultural clients and assist clients in obtaining in order to take advantage of tax benefits. 


  • Tax certiorari and SCAR proceedings: From appearing before the Board of Assessment Review to Article 7 trials and settlements, we are actively involved in each stage of the process to give you a proper assessment on your property.  We can help you file a property tax grievance and appeal and unfavorable property tax assessment or other decision by an assessor by commencing an Article 7 tax certiorari or Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR) proceeding.  
  • Conservation easements: Our firm helps land trusts, municipalities, and land owners negotiate conservation easements to protect lands of conservation value in perpetuity.
  • Agricultural Assessments and Forestland Exemptions:  We assist clients in obtaining tax reductions and exemptions through programs aimed at reducing taxes for New York's farmers.

To learn how the experienced New York real estate lawyers at our firm can help you protect your interests and pursue your goals, contact us today.